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EITC Reminder For Current Participants

Here is another reminder that the EITC application deadline for current participants is next Wednesday, May 15th. It doesn’t matter what time you actually file next Wednesday, it only matters that you file between 12:00am and 11:59pm This applies to all currently participating companies who are filing for year two of a two-year cycle or filing for year one of a new two-year cycle.

The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber is qualified as an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO), and several of our programs benefiting students in Columbia and Montour Counties are eligible to receive EIO funds. Eligible programs include:

Classroom in the Hospital – Students from local schools explore health careers in partnership with local healthcare organizations.

Classroom on Main Street – Students from local high schools explore business and entrepreneurship, meeting with small business owners and entrepreneurship experts.

Educator in the Workplace – The goal of this program is to enhance high school and middle school curriculum development by partnering educators with businesses in Columbia and Montour Counties. Educators bring their experiences back into the classroom through job shadowing experiences and lesson plan development.

BSA Learning for Life with Guest Lecturers – A partnership with the Columbia-Montour BSA to offer career exploration opportunities to local middle and high schoolers, and to pair local organizations and their career opportunities with students, through guest speakers.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) – Offering scholarships for local students to attend a week-long summer program aimed at immersing students in understanding the free enterprise system and the exciting world of business.

PFEW’s Stock Market Game - This program allows students to experience the thrill of investing without all the risk of losing real money. With $100,000 of virtual cash, students are in control of their fortune, and compete with other teams from their region and across the state. Teachers register their students in one of three grade-based divisions -: Elementary (Grades 4-5), Junior High/Middle School (Grades 6-8), and High School (Grades 9-12).

Annual STEM Competition – Each year, the Foundation hosts an annual STEM contest for local students. In 2024-2025, the STEM contest will be the “Sea, Air, and Land Challenge”, in partnership with Penn State’s Applied Engineering Lab and the Department of Defense. EITC contributions assist students and their teams in purchasing materials for the program.

Tech Theater – In partnership with Journey Bank, and Commonwealth University’s Arts in Bloom, this program merges STEM and theater curricula to appeal to students who may not see STEM as valuable to their future in the arts. Through this program, the Foundation has purchased technical equipment for local schools’ theater programs and offered workshops to teach students about light and sound in arts productions.

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? – Pairing local manufacturers with middle school students, this program teaches students how to create a two-minute marketing video about said manufacturing partner. Students learn how to shoot A and B roll, story board, edit video, add music, and produce. Class work includes social media and digital marketing, and culminates in a 48-hour online, viewers-choice-based contest. Winners of the regional contest are eligible for the statewide contest.

We encourage you to apply for EIO credits. You may also apply for credits for Scholarship Organizations (SO), or Pre-K Scholarship Organizations (Pre-K).

Again, it is vital that you file your applications next Wednesday, May 15th between 12:00am and 11:59pm to keep your preferred status described above.

Here are some helpful links with more information:

Direct Link to the Application:

Help with the Single Application:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Find Your Lawmakers:

Again, please share this information with your EITC team members and certainly call us with any questions. We’re happy to help.

Thank you!

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