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2024 Annual Report

The Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce proudly presents its Annual Report for the fiscal year spanning April 2023 to March 2024, marking a period of significant achievements, robust growth, and impactful community development initiatives.

This comprehensive report offers a detailed insight into the chamber's dynamic activities, notable accomplishments, and invaluable contributions to the local economy and community over the past year.

Highlighted within the Annual Report are updates on the Chamber's five core areas of focus, each designed to enhance membership value:

  1. Advocacy: The Chamber's advocacy endeavors encompass a range of legislative events, position statements, and community activities, aimed at championing the interests of local businesses and residents alike.
  2. Benefits Programs: Offering a plethora of benefits, including workshops, informational resources, access to a low-interest loan program, and the ChamberChoice program, the Chamber empowers its members with tools for success.
  3. Business Connections: Through a myriad of avenues such as monthly and annual events, comprehensive directories, a weekly newsletter, active social media engagement, and the bi-monthly ChamberPack, the chamber fosters meaningful business connections vital for growth and collaboration.
  4. Employee Development: The Chamber's commitment to employee development manifests through initiatives focusing on workforce enhancement, leadership cultivation, career exploration, participation in the opioid coalition, and advocacy for early childhood education – all contributing to a skilled and resilient workforce.
  5. Strengthening Our Communities: In partnership with downtown revitalization efforts, economic development organizations, and various community entities within the Columbia Montour footprint, the Chamber actively works towards creating thriving and inclusive communities.

"We are thrilled to unveil our Annual Report for the fiscal year April 2023 to March 2024, and the opportunity to showcase our unwavering commitment to a stronger, more vibrant community," remarked Chris Berleth, President of the Columbia Montour Chamber. "We extend heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed members, valued partners and investors for their steadfast support and collaboration. Together, are forging a path towards a prosperous future for all."

Click here to review the report. 

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