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What Businesses Want to Hear During this Election Season

Source: US Chamber

Business is working in America. It creates jobs and supports thriving communities. This election season, we want to hear from candidates about their plans on how to make government work better to support the economy.

We could be doing much better, US Chamber Executive Vice President Neil Bradley writes, “if our elected leaders focused more on putting wind at the back of small, medium and large American businesses.”

Why it matters: The first debate of the 2024 presidential campaign is this week, providing a significant opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen America’s economy and global leadership.

Big picture: Here are some issues concerning American businesses:

  • Worker shortage: The labor shortage that began before the pandemic has only worsened. With Baby Boomers retiring and fewer younger people taking their place, this is likely the new normal.
  • Trade: Trade is important to large and small businesses alike. Yet it has been more than a decade since the U.S. has signed a trade agreement with a new partner. While we stood still, other countries raced ahead, signing 100 new deals.
  • Government policy chaos: One of the fastest-growing risks to businesses of all sizes is government policy risk. It is not just overregulation. It is that every couple of years, the government fundamentally changes its approach. How can businesses plan and invest for the long term?

Be smart: Americans believe in the free enterprise system, and as polling shows, voters are not interested in government dragging business into the culture wars or micromanaging business decisions.

  • Letting consumers decide and the market work isn’t just good business sense, it is good political advice.

Bottom line: Voters are supportive of pro-growth policies and pro-business candidates who will help businesses create jobs and strengthen the economy. This election season, we want to hear from candidates about their plans on how to make this happen.


The Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce represents local employers in support of vibrant and sustainable communities in Columbia and Montour Counties, and is a proud partner of the US Chamber of Commerce.

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