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Education Seeking to Connect With Businesses

Launched in November 2018, the Future Ready PA Index is a collection of school progress measures related to school and student success. The index is the result of discussions with thousands of educators, parents, advocates, policymakers, and business leaders across Pennsylvania about how communities should evaluate schools. This method of evaluation has moved schools and students beyond just standardized test scores.

Schools are now rated on a summative score to increase transparency around school and group performance. This approach requires student experiences to learn about careers throughout their K-12 education. During these foundational years, students need to learn to explore, acquire, and advance in careers, as well as have experiences in entrepreneurship. As we say at The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce, they need to hear about it (elementary), see it (middle school) and do it (high school).

For schools to succeed in these endeavors, they need to engage with the business community. There are a variety of ways for businesses can help. Be a guest presenter. Host student tours. Be a co-op location for students to get on-the-job experience. Host teachers for summer experiences. If your business is interested in connecting with students, complete a short survey here or scan the QR code.

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