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A Shot of Coffee to Support the Vaccine Shot

Bason Coffee has always held their desire to serve as a core value of their business. From waking Christmas morning each year to bring coffee to the hospital for employees who are working the holiday, to hosting fundraisers and supporting area nonprofits, organizations, and sports teams.  The family is always looking for ways to give back. When the virus hit that didn’t change but ramped up.  No frontline worker (police, paramedic, USPS, UPS and FedEx worker, etc.) on duty pays for a cup of coffee.  They brewed boxes of coffee for the Geisinger admission and screening tents, sent coffee to the units, and always asked if there was any more they could do. 

When the vaccines hit, they learned of the hours being worked by the staff and the number of vaccines being given and once again said, “how can we serve?”.  Jeff Emanuel, Director of the Columbia Montour Chamber Foundation connected them with Ann Mooney, Improvement Optimization Specialist and coordinator of the Hughes Center Vaccine site. She said the staff was running on K-Cups.  Brad and JoAnn Bason said, we can do that.  Their staff loaded up 100 fresh K-Cups and labeled them with their “I Am a Warrior on the Front Line” to honor the Front Line Heroes working, and individuals getting the vaccine.  This brew and idea began at the start of the pandemic to honor those working the front lines and also to generate funds for the local foodbank.  The response from the staff was overwhelming while distributing the K-Cups and thanking them.  Brad and Jeff were so inspired by the efficiency, compassion, hope, and dedication that were on display at the vaccine site. It was wonderful to see the efforts and progress in fighting this crazy virus by the healthcare workers and those getting the vaccine.

Front Line Healthcare workers could use your encouragement to help keep them running, in case the caffeine runs out.  To send them a note to say thanks or just encourage them to keep going, go to the Geisinger Thank you, heroes page.

Remember when it is your turn and you are able- be willing and get the shot.

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