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Sharpen Business Skills with Google

With digital platforms for business marketing ever increasing, a business owner needs to have an understanding to use these outlets to help grow.  Google Primer is designed to help anyone learn more about digital marketing and business. This is ideal for people like small business owners, job seekers, students, and startup entrepreneurs. Primer’s free lessons offer instructions on boosting sales, getting started with online marketing, customer engagement, and much more. 

After the app is downloaded, users can choose which topics are most relevant to them and take mini-lessons on those topics, all on their phones, and in 5 minutes or less. Some of the skills include video marketing, website, selling, email marketing, business planning, content marketing, customer engagement, business insights, business management, startup, digital marketing 1 and 2, mobile marketing, agency marketing, user experience, analytics, and brand building.

Primer and Grow with Google have partnered to create 3 unique mini-courses for business owners, job seekers, and startups. To find these mini-courses, learners can open the Primer app and search gwgbiz for business lessons, gwgstartup for startup lessons, and gwgjobs for lessons for job seekers.

For more information on Google Primer check out these resources and the Getting Started with Primer guide so you can find lessons that are right for you.

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