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Welcome Appreciative Strategies

More than 420 businesses and organizations belong to the Chamber to receive benefits and support efforts to strengthen their businesses and the region. Increased membership allows the Chamber to offer additional programs and benefits, have a stronger voice in advocacy and be involved in more activities and initiatives. The Chamber welcomes Appreciative Strategies, to help us fulfill our mission.

Appreciative Strategies, LLC is a for-profit consulting, training, and human performance improvement solutions company. The business is established on the philosophy of human performance improvement through positive interventions. This is in sharp contrast to conventional methods which typically address problems and seek changes that eliminate or solve problematic areas.

Appreciative Strategies, LLC seeks to find the positive forces within people, teams, and entire organizations. Focusing on the positive and life-giving forces that make the people, teams, and organizations what they are today. In its most simplistic terms instead of addressing problems that bring organizations down, this approach highlights and brings to life the dynamics that make it great.

Dennis Gilbert, president of the company, has 12+ years as a business consultant, speaker, and culture development expert, as well as executive management success in the technology sector, having led a business unit to achieve annual sales in excess of $34 million. Dennis has also worked in academia, serving as the managing director of a business unit that provided workforce training and continuing education for both individuals and entire organizations. He also facilitates the Management & Leadership Certificate Program developed in collaboration with Bloomsburg University. Contact Dennis at 1-646-546-5553 or to learn more about how he can help your business be more successful. 

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