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Expanding Mental Health Benefits

Source: My Benefit Advisor

In the past couple years, many employers have expanded their company’s mental health benefits as a show of support for potential jobseekers, employees and their families. The intention is to help promote employee wellbeing through better access and improved benefit levels for those feeling stressed about personal or work-life matters.

Workers seem to appreciate the efforts and are taking advantage of the services. Some of the changes business owners are making include:

• Increasing access to mental health services through methods like telehealth
• An expansion of access to in-network mental health providers
• Reduced cost sharing for mental healthcare visits
• The addition or expansion of employee assistance programs for mental health services
• Access to yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions at the workplace or home
• Providing apps that support wellness, focusing on fitness, sleep and relaxation

By addressing issues like stress and anxiety in a more proactive fashion, employers can reduce or even eliminate costly treatment for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac problems. The small financial investment the employer makes now can often save substantial costs in the future.

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