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Membership Morning: Interactions and Information

Across the Chamber industry, two adages take hold: first, that "Chambers of Commerce do what most people think just happens", and second, that "Businesses don't join Chambers to connect with the staff, but to do business with other members."  With this in mind, the Columbia Montour Chamber has reinvented its traditional "New Member Orientation", into something we believe will be even more accessible and helpful to our members.  On June 29th, members had the opportunity to connect with the event's reimagined name and format. Now called "Membership Morning", the event was about far more than new members (although new members really seemed to enjoy it).  In addition to the opportunity for new members to learn about their member benefits for the first time, Membership Morning is designed in part as a "speed networking" event and a reconnection point for all members.  Thanks to our gracious hosts at LCBC, who have hosted orientations for several years, thirty Chamber members enjoyed dedicated networking time in the LCBC Studio space after moseying through the incredible "Finding Nemo" decorations set up for LCBC's summer programming.

Chamber partners World Kinect Energy and My Benefit Advisors each took time to meet with new members at informational booths, while Taryn Crayton, Director of Member Engagement chatted with attendees about events, publications, and more.  Following the timed networking sessions, Chamber President Chris Berleth gave a brief big-picture overview of what the Chamber does, how to get involved in committees and initiatives, and how to take advantage of Chamber resources.

Membership Mornings will be a quarterly initiative for the chamber with the next one happening in early November.

Events like these are made possible by the investment of the Chamber's Visionary and Advocate members.  Thank you for your sponsorship of our Member Mornings!

Hoping to connect before November?  We hope you'll check out all chamber happenings by making sure you are getting the E-Biz Weekly newsletter, and connecting with us via social media. Reach out to Taryn at to get on the newsletter list, or to share your member news.


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