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Benefits of Serving on a Nonprofit Board

Source: Janice Snyder, Mckonly & Asbury

Mission, mission, mission!

It really is all about the mission of the organization. You must have a passion for the mission, the great work the organization does, and the individuals it serves.

Improve the Community

I want to make the community a better place. This is important for me personally, for my family, and for McKonly & Asbury. It is so wonderful when you see how an organization makes an impact and changes lives. Serving on a nonprofit board allows me to help set the strategic direction, provide oversight, and fulfill a fiduciary responsibility so the organization can focus on their mission.

Share Common Interests

If you are an introvert like me, I am immediately surrounded by individuals who share in the mission and have a passion for advancing our community. There is no better place to be.

Be Inspired

The nonprofit boardrooms are filled with leaders and problem solvers. Both the staff and the board members are making changes and improving our world every day. It is inspiring!

Expand My Network

As I look around the boardroom and observe the individuals giving freely of their time, treasure, and talents, I am in awe! I am humbled by their commitment and accomplishments and their passion of moving the organization forward. It is a fantastic opportunity to have these community leaders become part of my network.

Grow Professionally

The opportunities and challenges I have faced on nonprofit boards have been the best experiences for professional growth and development. You quickly learn relationship management, governance, financial skills, marketing, volunteer management, professional speaking, organizational skills, prioritization, time management, and so much more…

Become a Role Model

It is a great example for my children in demonstrating ways to support our communities. I am not sure what your dinner conversations involve, but I love sharing ways that nonprofit organizations, their amazing staff, and their wonderful volunteers are making a difference and enhancing lives.

Upon reflection of my nonprofit board service, I was left with the question: How can I not serve on a nonprofit board? The benefits are immeasurable both personally and professionally. Whether your passion is empowering independence, inspiring lifelong learning, advancing the health and well-being of communities, or providing safe and affordable housing, these organizations are improving the communities in which we live and work. Find the mission that will inspire you!

If you are looking to be apart of a non-profit board, you can join the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce at the August Non-Profit mixer at the Meadows at Maria Joseph to learn more about the non-profits that serve Columbia and Montour counties.


McKonly & Asbury has built a special reputation for service to the nonprofit sector of the economy. We are proud to serve the area’s most recognized organizations as they strive toward their mission of community support and development. You can learn more about our Nonprofit services by visiting our website.

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