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Local Officials Adopt Chamber Code of Conduct

In December 2022, the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors adopted a code of conduct to encourage greater collaboration among elected and other officials.  The document was developed in response to increasing polarization and unprofessionalism among people in leadership positions, resulting in organizational dysfunction and decreasing engagement in the decision-making process. Elected officials and governing bodies, including non-profit organizations, are invited to adopt the code of conduct.

Following an invitation to non-profit organizations, elected officials and governing bodies to review, adopt and hold themselves accountable to the code of conduct, several organizations indicated that they are reviewing this code of conduct, as well as like codes of conduct which may exist within their industry.

Earlier this month, the Columbia County Commissioners, the Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC) and the Millville Area School District, respectively, each formally adopted the Chamber Code of Conduct for their own organizations.  Special thanks to these organizations for their commitment to decorum, professionalism, collaboration, and an open decision-making process.

To review their commitments or to make one for your own business, non-profit, or community organization, visit the Code of Conduct page on our website.

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