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Chamber of Commerce Advocates for Improved Conduct by Leaders

Non-profit boards and elected officials invited to adopt code of conduct.

The Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce board of directors has adopted a code of conduct to encourage greater collaboration among elected and other officials. The document was developed in response to increasing polarization and unprofessionalism among people in leadership positions, resulting in organizational dysfunction and decreasing engagement in the decision-making process. Elected officials and governing bodies, including non-profit organizations, are invited to adopt the code of conduct.

“Individuals with extreme positions and personalities are dominating meetings and public attention at all levels,” said Fred Gaffney, Chamber president. “This code of conduct is intended to encourage decorum, professionalism, and collaboration among officials, leading to greater productivity and encouraging others to become involved.”

Adopters of the code of conduct pledge to actively participate in the entity they represent, conduct themselves professionally, be open in the decision-making process, and act in the best interests of the entity and its stakeholders.

The Chamber of Commerce invites non-profit organizations, elected officials, and governing bodies to review, adopt, and hold themselves accountable to the code of conduct. The document is available at Those that do adopt it are asked to inform the Chamber so they can be added to this webpage.

Read the Code of Conduct for Leaders