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Welcome New Member – Wrk Inside Out, LLC

The Columbia Montour Chamber is pleased to welcome Wrk Inside Out, LLC, as its newest member.  While the health and wellness industry promises quick fixes and focuses on extreme elimination, restriction, and forced ideology that makes the ultimate indicator of health a scale, Wrk Inside Out stands out from the crowd.

Owner and coach Jess Fester works to help her clients do three things: embrace food, embrace movement, and embrace life so that they can live it more abundantly.  With Jess, you'll do this by improving physical, mental, emotional, environmental, existential, and relational health.

Find out what works best for you to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Life is hard enough by itself, let alone trying to force something that doesn’t consider all of who you are and what you currently do on a day to day basis.  Wrk Inside Out is not designed to be a quick fix, but if you embrace the journey you will take all that you have learned and use it for the rest of your life.

Using both online and in-person coaching and training options, Jess is ready to help you meet your goals!