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Representative Millard Offers Farewell Message

Below, you'll find Representative David Millard's Farewell Message to his constituents, called "It's Time for Goodbye"

"As I retire from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives after eighteen years, I leave as a better person.

The confidence that you, my constituents, have placed in me has enabled me to have an honor of a lifetime: the opportunity to serve as your voice in state government.

That means the opportunity to participate in open debate and vote on legislation that ultimately affects nearly 13 million people. I always tried to put a face on every piece of legislation and question how it would impact that individual. This role is an awesome responsibility that I have never taken lightly.

My time in office has been a grand picture of the American Dream. I am living proof that if you work hard, opportunities will present themselves. I grew up a poor kid from a large family, whose mother was paralyzed from a stroke after I was born and a father who never took a nickel of welfare but worked two 8-hour jobs for 20 years to support his family. I’m the youngest of six kids, who each worked their way through institutions of higher learning and became career professionals. It took me twelve and a half years of night school to earn my bachelor’s degree. Although neither of my parents lived to see it, it was this work ethic established by my father that I brought to Harrisburg. And it has been my mission to give everyone back home an equal voice as their representative.

My legislative staff has been incredible – both in service to our constituents and in help to me. My district office team steers the ship in very busy district offices. I love passing on to them the many compliments I receive about how their knowledge and work truly helps so many people. All of my Capitol staff has been amazing as well.

I’m so pleased that Rep. Robert Leadbeter will be now taking the reins as representative for all of Columbia County. I wish him the very best.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve you."


Representative Millard, thank you again for your service to the region these last 18 years.

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