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A Recipe for Employee Engagement

You’re busy.  You’ve been spending a lot of energy trying to keep employees and customers happy.  Does this sound familiar?  

“Nobody wants to work anymore…” 

“I was ghosted again by another candidate…” 

“We’re trying to manage a really different workforce than the one that existed pre-pandemic… “ 

“I feel stuck trying to figure out how keep my employees here….” 

“It feels like our retention model is just throwing pasta against a wall to see what sticks.”  

We’ve got good news and bad news for you.  First, the bad news: that pasta trick?  (You know the one - that when it’s done, cooked pasta will stick to a wall?)  It turns out, that’s a myth.  All pasta, regardless of “doneness” sticks…which means it’s time to rethink this approach.   

Here’s the good news – the Chamber has access to local experts, the hiring and leadership versions of Michelin Chefs, and over the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing their sage advice in Chamber programming.   

Employee Engagement

Take for example, Tina Welch, of Welch Performance Consulting.  Tina’s next local Chamber seminar is designed to help employers create a workplace that draws employees in and fully engages them.  To keep the pasta analogy going, she calls it the “secret sauce”.    

In the hubbub of the holidays, it might be easy to miss programs like this – but we think that members who attend will have a leg up in determining what makes employees stay with their companies long-term, improving employee retention, no matter the business size or industry.  Bonus: businesses with HR professionals can earn 1.5 SHRM PDC credits for their employees when they send them to this event. 

Consider signing up for Tina’s program, here. 


Want to continue to improve company culture for current and rising managers and leaders?  Don’t miss the next iteration of our Leadercast: The One Thing… follow-up sessions, where the Community Giving Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle will facilitate discussions that were jump-started by our September event.  You needn’t have attended the September event to participate, and if time is one of your most valuable assets, these sessions may just fit the bill – abbreviated to 90 minutes.   

Check out the next program, called “Building the Confidence to Reach Your Dreams”, here

Suffice it to say, with resources like these at our fingertips, we’re urging our members to take a break from baking up ideas at home, and to come and take a cooking class from the best we have, and if after reading this you’re suddenly physically hungry, we have resources for that too.   

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