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Establishing a Culture of Health Among Employees

My Benefit Advisors

As the American workforce continues to be dispersed in a hybrid work environment, the impact on company culture cannot be ignored. With workers less likely to see their connection to the mission and values of the company when working remotely, business leaders have a challenge that needs to be addressed.

This is equally true when looking at the organization’s culture of health. Traditionally, wellness programs have targeted specific employee health risks such as being overweight, smoking or not exercising enough. Although these programs are worthy endeavors and have proven successful in the past to varying degrees, there is a fair amount of disagreement today over their effectiveness.  Wellness programs alone are simply not enough. There is much more that can be done to affect greater change.

Establishing a culture of health in the workplace can be a great place to start.

To establish a culture of health in the workplace is to create an atmosphere that values health and supports health improvement among employees. And to do so requires a substantial effort from ownership and management which, if done properly, permeates throughout the organization from top to bottom. Developing a strategy to affect this change is critical and the overall process could take several months or more to implement.

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