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Organizations Should Protect Themselves from Cyber-Attacks

As sanctions impact Russia’s economy and key Kremlin allies, experts warn that Russia may retaliate by using its significant cyber capabilities to attack Ukraine and its allies, including the United States. Ransomware groups have vowed to attack the critical infrastructure of any nation that retaliates against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. As the fighting continues without a significant cyber incident to date, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) advises businesses and other entities large and small to remain vigilant and on alert.

An infographic from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides the top tips for protecting your organization:

  • Raise the awareness of your employees for the increased risk of malicious emails.
  • Enable multifactor authentication for all internet facing systems.
  • Think about resetting privileged passwords.
  • Update all software patches.
  • Verify your cyber incident response plans are up to date and review, update, and practice your playbooks.
  • Validate your backups.
  • Move a copy of the backup outside the area of increased threats depending on your regulatory requirements – check with your legal team.
  • Be prepared to block all traffic to/from areas with increased threats.
  • Prepare to lift and shift “crown jewels” such as IP, credit card, financial systems, etc. into the cloud and – where necessary – outside the region.
  • Prepare to increase the DDOS protection of your infrastructure.

Additional information, including how to report suspicious activity, is available on CISA’s website here.

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