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American Red Cross Offers Free Ready Rating Program

Is your organization prepared for disasters and emergencies? Are you confident your organization can protect the lives of everyone at your facility during a crisis? The Red Cross’ Ready Rating program is a free membership program, designed to help businesses, schools, and organizations become better prepared for disasters and other emergencies.

Participants will get immediate customized feedback and recommendations to improve preparedness. Also, you will have access to assessments, tools and resources developed by Red Cross emergency preparedness experts. There is no cost or obligation to becoming a member of the program.

You can become a member by: 

Make Preparedness a Priority

  • By joining today at

Take an Assessment

  • Identify possible emergencies – internal or external and their potential impact to your organization. You can choose from: 
  1. ReadyGo – Quick assessment that takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  2. ReadyAdvance – Detailed assessment to learn your areas for improvement

Create your EAP (Emergency Action Plan)

  • Outline the steps your organization will take before, during and after an emergency

Stay Prepared

  • Train your staff, practice your EAP and integrate preparedness into the culture of your organization/business

With a preparedness plan in place, you can embrace employee safety, enhance productivity, and minimize losses. Contact Edna Reinard, Disaster Program Specialist at the Red Cross for more information at

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