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Possible Health Insurance Savings for Sole Props, 1099 Contractors, and Individuals

Individuals who are uninsured or wanting to upgrade to better coverage may qualify for free or low-cost private health insurance through the public marketplace.

A special enrollment period that will end on Aug. 15 allows people to use Pennsylvania’s State Insurance Marketplace (Pennie) to sign up for a plan, which could come with major subsidies to reduce the individual’s cost of coverage. Otherwise, unless there is a qualifying life event — i.e., job loss, birth of a child, etc. — after the current window closes, individuals generally have to wait until open enrollment this fall to sign up.

Most enrollees get financial help. And due to the American Rescue Plan Act, which was signed into law in March by President Joe Biden, the subsidies (technically tax credits) are larger for 2021 & 2022, and will reach a greater number of people. 

The amount that anyone pays in premiums will be limited to 8.5% of their income as calculated by the Pennie exchange.

Additionally, zero-premium health plans that come with minimal or no cost-sharing — i.e., deductibles and copays — are available to individuals that have collected unemployment at any point this year.

Through the ChamberChoice Insurance platform, My Benefit Advisor has a team of certified specialists that are available to make sure customers on the individual market are aware of these savings and to assist those who wish to make the transition and take advantage of this increase in financial assistance. There’s no cost or fee for their services. Please contact Jim Pitts at 610-684-6930 or email him at or visit

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