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Bloomsburg’s Parking App Up and Running

On June 14th, the town’s new parking application went live, which allows residents, employees and visitors to pay by smartphone.  Citizens now have the opportunity to download the free Pango Parking App and pay to park using a credit card. There will be a convenience fee to use the App. You will need to download the app from your App store or set up an account with Pango at  

• A Pay-by-Phone credit card option is available if you do not have a smartphone.
• Signs will be located throughout town to notify you in which Pango Zone you are parked. There will be 14 Zones throughout Bloomsburg.
• When you choose the zone in the App, the screen will advise you of the costs, time restrictions and choices for length of stay.
• You will be able to add time from a remote location as long as it does not exceed any
restrictions in that zone.
• If you drive multiple vehicles you can add them all in the App but must choose the correct
license plate when you pay to park. Enforcement is done by license plate.
• Meters will remain as a coin choice at many spaces. You do not have to pay the meter if you
choose to use the App. If you do not use the app you must park and pay at a meter.

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