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Seeking Childcare Best Practices in the Workplace

The Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission is seeking to recognize and celebrate Pennsylvania businesses that are investing in their working families and childcare through innovative and much-needed practices and policies.

The Commission is seeking nominations of businesses that demonstrate strong examples of the criteria listed below:
Offer a variety of childcare assistance, such as:
• Childcare resource and referral services
• Financial credits/assistance/subsidized/reimbursed childcare
• Back up childcare
• Onsite or easily accessible care
• Flexible work and scheduling: job-sharing, telecommuting, predictable scheduling
• Paid leave: parental, family, sick, medical
• Accommodations and support: lactation support services, pregnant worker accommodations
Positively impact the childcare community through efforts such as:
• Participation in local early learning initiatives
• Financial support: Pre-K EITC contributions, contracted childcare slots
• In-kind or shared services support
• Leadership and visibility in early learning and childcare as a business leader
And, are innovative
• Innovative approaches to supporting children, caregivers, and/or the early care and learning community
Nominations may be for businesses implementing one or several of the above criteria, but the Commission is seeking stories of businesses who recognize these strategies as an important piece of their workforce infrastructure.
Our three recognition categories will include: Innovation, Excellence, and Small Business.

Nominations should be submitted by Wednesday, May 5th.

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