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Chambers Stress Need for Liability Protections in Response to Governor’s Agenda

The PA Chamber last week reiterated its call for targeted and temporary liability protections for businesses adhering to health and safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to Gov. Tom Wolf unveiling a fall legislative agenda and failing to include this top priority for the business community. The Columbia Montour Chamber Board previously expressed support for limited protection for businesses.

In a statement, PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr said that employers who have invested tremendous resources to adhere to health and safety guidelines should be able to proceed with confidence that they won’t be targeted with unwarranted lawsuits brought on by plaintiffs’ attorneys looking to profit from the pandemic. “Pennsylvania employers are already being targeted, including some for safety policies the governor himself has directed the business community to enforce,” Barr said. “This ongoing litigation threat puts Pennsylvania at risk for additional economic and societal hardships.”

Among the priorities listed in Governor Wolf’s fall agenda include legalizing recreational marijuana, hazard pay for workers, expanding access to childcare, allowing for paid parental leave and $225 million in proposed grants and loans for Pennsylvania businesses. The press release announcing the fall agenda is available here.


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