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Employers Asked for Input on In-demand Occupations

Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education held a workforce summit in November of 2019, where over 80 CEOs and Chief Human Resource Officers met to align on definitions and competencies needed to build a talent pipeline. The State System then heard from national funders about their interest in learning more about the Commonwealth’s regional differences both in-and-across six high demand industries of advanced manufacturing, healthcare, finance, energy, information technology, and agri-business. 

The next step is to develop and hold Pennsylvania’s Regional Workforce Assemblies in September 2020.  The four assemblies have the following objectives and are designed to benefit the Commonwealth by building synergies and partnerships across various job sectors and areas of expertise:

1) to understand the regional differences across the Commonwealth both within and across six high demand industry clusters;

2) to develop competency maps with an embedded quality assurance framework wrap around that then become useful tools for curriculum and skills development;

3) to pilot the competency curriculum through the upskilling and reskilling of adult learners;

4) to create a competency model that could be scaled Statewide

Prior to the first meeting, employers in these industry sectors are being asked to provide updated input via a survey by August 7th.  The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete and is available at

Across the six industries and four regions in Pennsylvania, the objectives of the survey are to:

  • Validate the top in-demand occupations that were collected from traditional labor market information, real-time labor market information, O*Net industry clusters, and feedback gathered from the Pennsylvania Prepares Workforce Summit,
  • Gain insight into the relationships and partnerships between industry and higher education, and
  • Understand talent pipeline challenges

The results will be used during the Regional Workforce Assemblies to articulate regional workforce demands across Pennsylvania and inform competencies to skills mapping needed for successful transitions in the workforce. Recognizing the importance of addressing the impacts on our workforce of both COVID -19 and a focus on inclusivity and diversity, facilitated sessions at the Workforce Assemblies will be dedicated to these issues. 


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