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Partnership With mikeroweWORKS Foundation Helps Students Pursue Skilled Trades

From the PA Chamber of Business & Industry

In May 2016, the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation teamed up with the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to increase public awareness around the growing demand for workers in the skilled trades, and to help award scholarships specifically to Pennsylvania students through the Work Ethic Scholarship Program.

In the past three years, thanks to generous donations from the Pennsylvania business community, the PA Chamber Educational Foundation has helped provide nearly $195,000 in work ethic scholarships for approximately 94 Pennsylvania students who are entering into the skilled trades in the Commonwealth. And now the 2020 Scholarship is open and available for students who are pursuing an education in the skilled trades to apply.

The PA Chamber hopes to have a record year in scholarships given to PA students interested in learning a skilled trade. You can learn more about the partnership here

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