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How to Have the Best Year Ever!

From Caz Russell, LLC

I recently turned 66 years old, according to what my calendar is showing me. I don’t feel 66. We often see ourselves, let’s say, as we remember in our finest moments. A high school prom, a new job position or even our wedding day.

Most of all at this time of year, I find reflection is highly needed. What will I do differently next year? What will I do to grow my leadership influence? How will I grow? Mark Twain tells us that the two greatest days in a persons life are the day we are born and the day we know why.

To help us answer our what, how and why questions, here are three important areas in our lives that will help us find these answers.

  1. The relationships we form, form us! What new relationships will I form that will help me grow? What current relationships do I need to repair? Am I connecting others to build new relationships?
  2. The decisions we make, make us! Each of us make over 1,000 decisions every day. I might not always make the best decision, but I can learn to manage all of my decisions. Once I have decided there is a decision to make, have I sought the input from others?
  3. The experiences we have, shape us!We might not all have the same experiences, but everyone has them. It’s my choice to either stumble or climb. Have I chosen to mourn or learn from the experience?

Searching for your best year ever? Searching to become the best version of you that you can be? Taking the time to reflect, reduces stress and increases personal growth. Reflection, like a GPS, helps us to move from who we are to who we want to be.

This Christmas season, let us reflect on this year of 2019 and use these observations to make 2020 our best year ever.

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