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Call to Action: Massive Overtime Expansion Advancing

From PA Chamber of Business & Industry

Any employer potentially impacted by this proposal is encouraged to submit comments.  This may be your last opportunity to express concerns and influence the process.


The PA Department of Labor and Industry is planning to advance a massive expansion to overtime eligibility by significantly increasing the salary for exempt status and imposing regular increases.  

The Department first released this proposal in 2018 and hundreds of employers submitted comments with concerns over cost increases and being forced to shift employees from salary to hourly in order to track hours and ensure they do not exceed 40 in a week.  Many predicted harm to employee morale and workplace culture if employees are required to clock in and out and lose the flexibility and stability that comes with earning a salary. The same concerns were raised in response to a similar proposal from President Obama, which a judge ultimately struck down.

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission is accepting comments through November 18 and will meet on November 21 to either approve or reject the proposal.

If you are concerned with this proposal, now may be the last opportunity to have your voice heard.


For more information or questions, contact Alex Halper at 717-720-5471 or email.


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