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Chamber Joins Businesses in calling for a Review of Sewer Rates

The Chamber’s Board of Directors voted unanimously at its August meeting to support a petition calling for a review of sewer rates for new customers in Cooper Township, Montour County. Construction of a new line in portions of the township, including the Rt. 11 corridor, was recently completed under a mandate by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. A number of businesses have expressed concerns that the fees associated with connecting to the sewer could jeopardize their business viability.

Fees for connecting to the system and monthly rates were set based on the anticipated number of connections to the system and flow from existing residences and businesses. Several businesses have reported that their total costs for connecting to the system would be in excess of $10,000. Additionally, the monthly rates do not account for specific business hours or other practical considerations. The Authority has stated that it is willing to review monthly rates for businesses upon request.

The Chamber’s position includes an offer to assist with the rate review and identifying other options. “Development along the Rt. 11 corridor between Danville and Bloomsburg has been hindered by a lack of infrastructure,” said Fred Gaffney, Chamber president. “Finding ways to lower these sewer costs will not only help existing businesses and residents, but encourage the growth of businesses, jobs, and the tax base in the township.”

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