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Welcome Mathias Educational Leadership Consulting, LLC

More than 400 businesses and organizations belong to the Chamber to receive benefits and support efforts to strengthen their businesses and our region. Increased membership allows us to offer additional programs and benefits, have a stronger voice in advocacy and be involved in more activities and initiatives in our communities. The Chamber welcomes its newest member, Mathias Educational Leadership Consulting, LLC, to help us fulfill our mission.

Mathias Educational Leadership Consulting is a new consulting business founded by Harry Mathias, the former Superintendent of the Central Columbia School District and a former Chamber board member. It works with school district administrators and school boards to help optimize their working relationships in order to provide an opportunity for the school district and all of the individuals that make it up – administrators, faculty, students and staff – to reach their full potential. MELC also can provide assistance with special projects that come up that require an outside consultant, including support in setting up foundations and with fund raising efforts. It is located in Bloomsburg and can be reached at 570-380-0481, or by email

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