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Chamber Foundation Announces 2019 Scholarship and Master’s Certificate Recipients

The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce this year’s SCHOOL COUNTS Scholarship and Master’s Certificate Winners from the graduating classes of each of the eight high schools in Columbia and Montour Counties. Scholarship winners were awarded $100 and were randomly selected from seniors who successfully met the soft skills goals of the program. Additionally, students who successfully met the program goals each year of high schools were awarded a Master’s Certificate. 

Criteria for earning a School Counts! Certificate:

  • Self Starter: Students must enroll at lunch or with a school counselor
  • Work Ethic: Obtain a “C” or better in every class
  • Dependability: Achieve at least a 95% attendance & punctuality rate (For a 180 day school year, that means no more than 9 absences and 5 tardies)
  • Self Discipline and Positive Attitude: Demonstrate positive behavior with no out of school suspensions

If your company or organization employees or works with these students, you can have confidence in their mastery of these important soft skills.  In fact, they have the credentials to prove it!  If your organization would like to get involved with SCHOOL COUNTS, or any of The Foundation’s student workforce programs, please contact Jeff Emanuel, Director, at 570-784-2522 or email.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients:


  • Matthew Farver (Scholarship)


  • Mariah Frankford (Scholarship)


  • Rolin Bachert (Master)
  • Iris Barrett (Master)
  • Evan Long (Scholarship and Master’s Certificate)
  • Chad Lyman (Master)

Central Columbia

  • Jacob Berkey (Master)
  • Elizabeth Deroba (Master)
  • Sarah Esslinger (Master)
  • Addison Gemberling (Master)
  • Brendan Gregory (Scholarship & Master)
  • Kaylee Hine (Master)
  • Kaylen Martin (Master)
  • Gracen Mott (Master)
  • Justin Mungo (Master)
  • Lauren Spicher (Master)
  • Jadyn Uholik (Master)      
  • Owen Yorty (Master)
  • Emily Zimmerman (Master)

Columbia Montour Area Vo-Tech

  • Bryce Bardo (Master)
  • Hunter Baxter (Master)
  • Haylea Bingaman (Master)
  • Nicholas Campbell (Master)
  • Natasha Farr (Scholarship & Master)
  • Alexus Fetterman (Master)
  • Haley Hendricks (Master)
  • Branson Kester (Master)
  • Maverick Kramer (Master)
  • Aunide Lindner (Master)
  • Dontay Payton (Master)
  • Grace Six (Master)


  • Kimberly Weller (Scholarship)


  • Megan Boyles (Scholarship)

Southern Columbia

  • Edward “Russell” Gleeson (Scholarship)
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