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Pennsylvania Named #1 Beer Producer in the U.S.

From Brewers Association

We interrupt our normally scheduled email routine to bring you some very exciting news. The Brewers Association recently released state wide beer statistics for 2018….and Pennsylvania did it again.

Congratulations to all of you Pennsylvania beer drinkers out there. Because of your tireless dedication to PA craft beer, our state has been named the number one beer producer in the country (again)! See all of the statistics.

According to a study by the Brewers Association, Pennsylvania ranks number 1 in the U.S for barrels of beer produced at 3,719,475 million. The next highest state is California at 3,421,295 million. To put that into perspective, that means CA is producing 1 barrel of beer for every 11.5 people in the state, whereas PA is producing 1 barrel for every 3.4 people in the state!

That’s not the only area that PA ranks in the top part of the country. In fact in most major categories the state ranks no lower than #6. Pennsylvania is #2 in economic impact, #4 in gallons produced per 21+ year old adult, #4 in impact per capita and #6 in Craft Breweries per state (however that last number is always rising as more open!)

Congratulations Pennsylvania beer drinkers. We have a lot of work to do to keep this trend going in 2019. So reward yourself with a delicious craft beer at your favorite brewery!

Numbers such as these are a big reason why the Columbia Montour Chamber recently called for fairness in the assessment of a craft brewery sales tax. If the tax is allowed to go into effect on July 1 as currently written in the regulation, it will adversely affect craft brewers that also have tasting rooms and/or restaurants as part of their brewing operations, including Chamber members Berwick Brewing, Marley’s Brewery and Grille, Rock God Brewing, and Turkey Hill Brewing.

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