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Travel Training

From rabbittransit

Learn how to use the Fixed Route or Paratransit service with free travel training by rabbittransit. Increased mobility through bus service can bring passengers increased independence, lead to a more active lifestyle, and can enhance quality of life. Travel training eliminates feelings of isolation and the need for passengers to rely on others for their travel needs. The goal of travel training is to meet the specific transportation needs of passengers.

Travel training is geared to those who are unfamiliar with public transportation but wish to travel. Anyone who needs assistance in using public transportation, either Fixed Route or Paratransit service, is eligible for this service. Travel training is designed to do the following through hands on training:

  • Plan trips to various destinations
  • Learn to read and understand route maps and schedules
  • Demonstrate how to get to and from your bus stop
  • Learn how to pay fares and purchase tickets and passes
  • Learn how to get on and off the bus safely
  • Learn to use the lift and/or kneeler to board buses with a mobility device
  • Locate and transfer to other buses at Transfer Center
  • Travel safely, independently and confidently while riding the bus

To get started, contact rabbittransit at (717) 846-RIDE (7433) or 1-800-632-9063 and request travel training.

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