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Penn State World Campus Helps University Stay True to Founding Mission

Left: Built in 1889, the Agriculture Experiment Station was the first agriculture building on Penn State’s campus. Right: Greg Pinto, a Penn State World Campus turfgrass science student, volunteered at the 2017 U.S. Senior Open golf tournament. (Photos courtesy of Penn State)

From Penn State World Campus

Note: Employees of all Columbia Montour Chamber members, their spouses and dependents are eligible for a 5% discount on tuition through the PSU World Campus. 

Penn State was founded on Feb. 22, 1855 to expand agricultural education in the state of Pennsylvania. Now, 164 years later, Penn State remains committed to providing an agricultural education — no matter where its students live.

Steven Hulsizer, a Penn State World Campus student working on his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management, decided to go back to school to advance his career at his company. Penn State’s long history as a leader in agriculture education helped him make his choice.

“I think the opportunities that will open with a degree from Penn State are huge, because it’s such a well-respected institution,” Hulsizer, 47, said. “It means the world to me.”

Hulsizer, who lives and works in Iowa, chose Penn State because he could earn his degree completely online, through Penn State World Campus.

In 1892, Penn State first began its efforts to offer agricultural education to students at a distance. Correspondence courses provided rural farmers with the option to take classes through the mail. Today, Hulsizer’s courses look a little different.

“Learning Microsoft Excel was huge for me. Using the technology and taking computer classes has been a great asset because of how much things have changed in the industry,” he said. “As new positions open up, having a background in technology is going to be vital.”

Technology allows student Gregory Pinto to study turfgrass science from the comfort of his home in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

“Taking classes through Penn State World Campus allows an adult learner such as myself the opportunity to reach for my goals, without putting my life on hold,” Pinto said. “With a full-time job, the flexibility of being able to take classes online allows me to earn a bachelor of science as time and money permit.”

Pinto wants to use his degree to become a golf course superintendent or a director of golf operations. Penn State’s history of agricultural success helped him decide to attend World Campus.

“Could I have applied to a different online program? Certainly,” he said. “But the turf program at Penn State is highly regarded and has been for many decades. It was the obvious choice.”

Visit the Penn State World Campus website for more information about the degrees available online.

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