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Welcome Lackawanna College

More than 400 businesses and organizations belong to the Chamber to receive benefits and support efforts to strengthen their businesses and our region. Increased membership allows us to offer additional programs and benefits, have a stronger voice in advocacy and be involved in more activities and initiatives in our communities. The Chamber welcomes its newest member, Lackawanna College and its Sunbury Center, to help us fulfill our mission.

Lackawanna College’s main campus is located in downtown Scranton, and the Sunbury Center opened in July 2017. Since its formation in 1894, Lackawanna College’s mission has been to provide a quality education to all people that seek to improve their lives and better their communities. Lackawanna’s hallmarks of focused class sizes, progressive curriculum, and student support, have expanded higher education opportunities for students in the Susquehanna River Valley and surrounding regions. Associate degrees that can be completed in Sunbury in include accounting, business administration, criminal justice, human services, professional studies and sport management, as well as certificate program as a licensed massage therapist. Additional program and partnerships are also a possibility as the Sunbury Center continues to grow. For more information, visit the Sunbury Center’s website, call 570-988-1931, or visit its location at 1145 North 4th St. in Sunbury. 

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