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Various Chartered Air Travel Options Readily Available in Columbia-Montour Region

An aerial view of the Bloomsburg Municipal Airport.

Proximity to international airports can often be a barrier to attracting corporate investment, either in expanding current operations already in place, or in attracting new investments and businesses to our area and the jobs that come with them. This can be especially true related to international investment. A recent Learn at Lunch held at the Williamsport Regional Airport attended by local business and economic development leaders highlighted these challenges as well as some solutions available in the charter air travel market. 

Although usually more costly than commercial flights, chartered air travel can often provide more reliability, flexibility and customization to support an organization’s strategy and timeline.  Charter travel is specifically dedicated to the business’ or individual’s trip on their schedule, and depending on the size of the aircraft involved, can fly into and out of the closest airports. Passengers are also generally not subject to TSA screening processes, which can significantly reduce time spent at the airport at both the origin and destination. Because charters are essentially the purchase of just a block of time on an aircraft, it is also possible for interested parties to collaborate and pool resources in order to make required air travel more cost and time-efficient. 

There are numerous variables to what a charter flight would cost, including the type of aircraft, which flight amenities are required, number of passengers, origin and destination, and much more. However, charter air travel is readily available in the Columbia-Montour region and beyond, and there are several charter companies that are ready, willing and able to assist with any charter air travel needs of local businesses and individuals. The Bloomsburg Municipal Airport, which is owned by the Town of Bloomsburg and which recently hosted a Business After Hours, can help serve the needs and can also help put those interested in touch with numerous charter air service operators. For more information, contact BJ Teichman, the airport coordinator at Bloomsburg Municipal Airport, at 570-317-2481 or via email

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