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Columbia Alliance For Economic Growth Presents Board Candidates & By-Law Changes

The Columbia Alliance for Economic Growth is scheduled to hold its annual meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 4:30 p.m. at The Inn at Turkey Hill. In addition to electing members to the Board of Directors, several changes to the by-laws have been proposed. Members of the Chamber are automatically members of the Alliance and invited to participate in the meeting.

Nominated to serve three-year terms on the Board are:

Tim Karr, Villager Realty
Vic Klein
Harry Mathias, Central Columbia School District

A listing of the Alliance’s current Board of Directors is available online.

Prior to voting on Directors, several changes to the organization’s by-laws are being proposed as follows. Deletions are noted as strikethroughs, additions as underlines:

ARTICLE I, Section 2 – The mailing address of this organization for legal notices shall be the office of the organization’s solicitor 17 Woodbine Lane, Suite 103, Danville, PA 17821.

ARTICLE V, Section 1 – Control and management of this organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors consisting of not less than fifteen (15) nine (9) nor more than thirty (30).  Funds of the organization shall be withdrawn from the depository bank by check upon the signature of the President, Treasurer, or other persons designated by action of the Board.  The depository bank of the organization for ensuing year shall be chosen by the Board of Directors at the annual board reorganization meeting.

ARTICLE VI, Section 3 – Election of members to the Board of Directors shall be held at the Annual Meeting.  At each election, not less than five (5) three (3) nor more than ten (10) Directors shall be elected for terms of three (3) years each or until succeeded, to replace or renew the Directorships whose terms expire.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, contact Jennifer Wakeman at the DRIVE office at 570-284-4296 or by email

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