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Do Not Reboot Your Computer – Broken Windows Update

From MePush

A new Windows update is breaking computers. There is a new development, but here is what we know:

1. A Windows 10 update that was released last week has been found to cause some computers to blue screen and, in some cases, get stuck restarting.
2. A fix is planned but not in place as of right now
3. You might have Windows updates pending and this bad update might be one of them.

How can you help prevent this update from breaking your computer?

1. Do not turn off or restart your computer. This will prevent the broken update from having a chance to complete it’s installation.
2. We recommend leaving your computer up and running until Microsoft releases an updated fix for this problem.
3. We make this recommendation to all of our customers.

This is informational only. There is nothing we can do to help at this point. We just have to wait until Microsoft fixes this issue. If you have already experienced this problem and it boots to the repair screen, do not attempt any repair options. This could erase your data. 

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