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Columbia Montour Visitors Bureau Issues Call to Action to Oppose House Proposal That Would Increase Hotel Tax in Pennsylvania

Columbia Montour Visitors Bureau - We've been expecting you!As part of the ongoing budget negotiations in Harrisburg, a new proposal is in the works that would increase the statewide hotel tax in Pennsylvania by 5%. Hotels already pay a 6% statewide hotel tax. A statewide tax rate of 11 percent would have a negative impact on the tourism industry.

The Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau is urging businesses to call or email their state legislators immediately to voice opposition. Find your legislators here. Voting on this proposal will start today. Confirm your call to action by emailing Mary Yoder.



– Hotels already pay a 6% statewide hotel tax in addition to local taxes that no other entity pays.

– This increase would make Pennsylvania hotel rooms the highest-taxed in the entire country.

– This tax will place our state’s tourism industry at an even steeper disadvantage and give tourists another reason not to come to Pennsylvania.

– Fewer tourists hurts businesses and brings fewer dollars into the state.

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