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Energy Savings Benefit the Bottom Line and Public Health

Al Neuner, Vice President of Facilities Operations for Geisinger, explains the operation of one of the numerous systems used to generate electricity at the Danville campus.

Improving energy efficiencies at your home and business will not only save you money, but also result in a healthier environment. Reducing the demand for traditional power generation lowers emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and mercury, with tangible health benefits.

Opportunities to improve efficiencies can be as simple as replacing older lighting with LED bulbs to generating electricity on-site at a higher efficiency.

The Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance and the Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy recently worked with Geisinger to host a tour of the Danville hospital’s campus to highlight ways companies can become more energy efficient. Through a variety of efforts, Geisinger has lowered its utility costs system-wide about $10 million annually. Utility expenses in 2016 with eight hospitals were lower than in 2010 with four hospitals. The Danville campus has a EPA Energy Star rating of 100%. The benefits of these energy efficiencies are discussed by Geisinger Vice President of Facilities Operations Al Neuner in the short YouTube video below.

A number of the efficiency improvements at Geisinger have been partially funded through Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency law, Act 129. The legislation requires each of the seven Pennsylvania electric distribution companies to reduce energy demand and consumption within its service territory. Utilities meet Act 129 targets by contracting with third party providers to implement programs. Ideas for improving efficiencies at your home or business are available at

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