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Pipeline Project Expected to Boost Local Economy

Mike Atchie from Williams gives the Chamber Board an update on the status of the Atlantic Sunrise project at last week’s Board meeting.

The Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline project is expected to begin construction late this summer and be completed by mid-2018. Williams anticipates that the project will support over 1,000 jobs in Columbia County and create an economic impact of $85.5 million. The company seeks to promote local businesses to those who will be in the area working on the project.

While Williams is attempting to work with regional contractors, several workers will be from outside the area, staying in local hotels and campgrounds for up to a year. To help those workers find goods and services, a mobile app is being developed by Williams. Any local business that would like to be included on this app can register, free of charge. 

The long-discussed Atlantic Sunrise project includes construction of 183 miles of new greenfield transmission pipeline, 12 miles of pipeline loop, and two compressor stations in Pennsylvania. To expedite the process, the project will be divided into seven sections, all of which will be constructed simultaneously. A portion of the main pipeline and one of the compressor stations will run through Columbia County. The new pipeline will allow more efficient transmission of natural gas from the existing Transco pipeline to distribution facilities in southeast Pennsylvania.

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