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Learn About the New Overtime Pay Changes Over Lunch

After 12 years with no change, President Obama announced profound changes to the minimum salary threshold for employees to be considered exempt from overtime pay. This new threshold has caused concern for many employers and employees across the country. Ranging from the cost of basic compliance to the emotional reaction by employees on company morale, employers have many things to consider as they prepare to meet the new guidelines by December 1st.  Amy Britton and Marcia Cooney, both with Bucknell University, will review the requirements of the new FLSA changes at the September Learn at Lunch and will walk attendees through a number of factors for consideration.

The cost for this Learn at Lunch will be $15 and include lunch and drinks. Please note that this month’s event will be an hour and a half long and is sponsored by PPL Electric Utilities. Register by clicking here or call Eleanor at 570-784-2522.

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