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Parking Requirement Could Deter Business Growth

Bloomsburg Town Council is considering an ordinance that would require that any new development in the downtown commercial district provide off-street parking. This requirement could also apply to existing buildings with a change of use, such as if an office space became a retail store.

The intent of this change is to keep public parking available for customers. The Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Bloomsburg Inc. support this goal and feel off-street parking should be required for new housing in the district. However, developers should have the flexibility to provide that parking in other areas, so that existing buildings are not turned into parking lots.

We also feel that commercial developments in the downtown should not have to provide off-street parking, as such a requirement would deter business development and growth.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday, August 29th at 6 p.m. at Town Hall, followed by a special meeting of Council to vote on the proposal. We are asking that the proposed ordinance be revised in order to encourage long-term, balanced growth in Downtown Bloomsburg.

Click here for the proposed ordinance.

Click here forĀ our complete statement.

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