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New Kiosks in Danville Showing Results

On March 1st, the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau unveiled two new interactive kiosks located in the Danville area. The first kiosk was placed at Geisinger Medical Center in the Atrium Café, which is a heavily trafficked area of the hospital complex.  The other kiosk is located in the lobby of the Pine Barn Inn.  These displays are linked to the Visitors Bureau website to assist users in finding information about local businesses, upcoming events in the area, dining and shopping options, local attractions and other activities in Columbia and Montour Counties.  Jim Wilson, Executive Director of the Danville Business Alliance, highlighted the impact of the new technology on the area. “The kiosks are strategically placed in two of the busiest pedestrian locations in Danville and Montour County:  Geisinger Medical Center and the Pine Barn Inn.  Literally thousands of people (patients, their families, visitors) will pass by them every day.  They will provide an unparalleled opportunity to promote the many natural, historic, cultural and commercial assets of both Columbia and Montour Counties.”

Data trends show that the new kiosks are indeed having an immediate impact on the area.  In the months preceding the installation of the new kiosks, the Visitors Bureau website averaged 300-400 unique page views from the Danville area every month.  In the one month after the kiosks were placed, this number dramatically increased to reach nearly 2,000 unique page views in the month of March.  Several local business owners have expressed their excitement about the new installations, and hopes are high that downtown Danville will see greater foot traffic in the upcoming summer months.

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