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Chamber Board Supports Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion

Two natural gas pipeline projects that would traverse the area are being planned. These projects would likely benefit the local economy during construction phases and provide long-term opportunities for businesses and residents to utilize Pennsylvania’s natural gas resources. This Tuesday, the Chamber Board passed a resolution supporting the expansion of the gas pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

The Williams Atlantic Sunrise project would increase the pipeline capacity of the Transco system, which transports natural gas throughout the eastern United States. This project would include the construction of a new pipeline which would run north and south through Columbia County with a new compressor facility somewhere in the northern half of the county. Information about the project is available at

UGI’s Sunbury Pipeline project would construct a 35-mile pipeline from the existing Transco pipeline in Lycoming County to Shamokin Dam, through Montour County. The project would allow for the conversion of the former coal-fired Sunbury Generation plant to a natural gas-fueled facility. There is also the possibility that capacity could be increased in that pipeline for use by other customers. Information on this project is available at

The Joint Governmental Affairs Committee of the Chamber and Visitors Bureau reviewed both projects and recommended the attached resolution supporting the expansion of the natural gas pipeline transmission and distribution infrastructure in Pennsylvania to maximize the potential benefits for the region.

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