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Healthy PA to Save Taxpayers $4 Billion

From PA Chamber of Business & Industry

Pennsylvania taxpayers are projected to see more than $4 billion in savings over the next eight years thanks to the federal government’s recent approval of the Corbett Administration’s new Healthy PA initiative. By reforming the state’s Medicaid program and brining it more closely in line with plans in the private sector, Healthy PA meets the goals of providing uninsured residents with access to affordable care while gaining better controls on one of the state’s largest cost-drivers.

The new healthcare program will provide 600,000 Pennsylvanians with access to affordable healthcare coverage – a laudable goal given that is will be accomplished without expanding Medicaid under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The PA Chamber has been a major proponent of the governor’s Healthy PA program since he first introduced the plan last fall. Given the rising costs of Medicaid over the last decade – a program that now accounts for nearly 30 percent of the state budget – the reform components of the plan are vital in controlling state spending and fighting new taxes on employers.

In a press release issued following the announcement of the program’s approval, PA Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs Sam Denisco said, “The approval of Healthy PA represents a significant step toward controlling the rising costs of Medicaid and providing working families with new and affordable healthcare options. Reforming Medicaid responsibly, while also increasing access to private insurance coverage, is a win-win for everyone.”

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