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Study Ranks PA School Systems Among Best in Nation

From PA Chamber of Business & Industry

On Monday, August 4, a national study by WalletHub ranked Pennsylvania’s public education system as the 10th best in the nation, thanks largely to the total amount of education spending per student.

The ranking was established after analyzing 12 metrics that included student/teacher ratios, test scores, drop-out rates, and the percentage of the population with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. The study was conducted to show the correlation between education quality, income potential and the impact of both on the state’s economy. While the author of the report told Capitolwire that education funding itself is not a sole determinant of quality, the Economic Policy Institute connects higher income to well-educated workforces.

Pennsylvania is spending more money on education today than at any other time in state history, with this year’s budget reflecting a $10.6 billion allocation to the Department of Education – a 3.1 percent boost over last year’s budget. There has also been an infusion of $100 million into a “Ready to Learn” block grant program; along with increases in special education, Pre-K Counts and community colleges. In all, Pennsylvania’s public education funding accounts for about one third of the $29.1 billion spending plan.

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