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Chamber Energy Program Can Help You from Being Slammed

Having the ability to choose which company you buy electricity from for your home and business provides the opportunity to find the best combination of price, product, customer service and consultative experience that can give you peace of mind while you save money off monthly bills.
Unfortunately, providers have been contacting local businesses, including members, with misleading information and/or aggressive sales tactics. Some of these businesses have even been signed up with a new supplier without their consent, an unprincipled activity known as “slamming.” Slamming involves switching your retail electric provider without your permission. Businesses usually don’t find out they have been slammed until they get a bill from a different electric company.
The Chamber and our partner, OnDemand Energy, have received calls of confusion and concern and wanted to warn all members that these tactics are taking place in the area. If your business has inadvertently or unknowingly been switched, OnDemand Energy can assist you in reversing the situation to avoid any fees.
To avoid being slammed, do not provide any account information to unknown callers. Also, if you are being solicited by someone using aggressive tactics, get their name and contact information and provide it to the Chamber. As the managers of the Chamber’s energy program, OnDemand is prepared to assist with any uncertainty or questions regarding your current enrollments and rates. Contact them at 1-866-699-9968 with any questions.
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