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Danville flood closure project, Route 11 Detour

The Route 11 flood closure project detour began Tuesday, July 23. It is planned to continue through November.

During the detour, vehicles traveling on Route 11 north and intending to turn left onto Route 54 west will be unable to do so immediately.  Instead, they will be directed to travel straight until reaching Mill Street.  At that point, they will turn left, reaching Route 54 west via Mill Street and Spruce Street. This should help ensure against traffic backups by vehicles attempting to turn left at the actual site of construction itself.

During this time, the road over Mahoning Creek at the site of construction will be down to two lanes, with one lane of traffic for each direction.  The two lanes open will change as construction progresses, but there will not be less than two available at any given time.

All temporary signals have been installed and all other necessary traffic control work has been completed in preparation of the detour/lane restrictions

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